3. invunche 9.4.2018

"Transmission" - Pharmakon
"There Are No Eyes Here" - Koenraad Ecker
"Hadeseol Gloria" - Hortobagyi, Laszlo
"Your Tracks Are Too Short" - ZULI
"Anti-Renaissance" -  Alberich, Lussuria
"Esclvvv" - TERRITOIRE
"Dance of the Red Tezcatlipoca" - Jorge Reyes
"Cerol" - Superficie
"Unbreakable Pulse" - The Modern Institute
"A Modular Body" - Astrid Sonne
"Меринос" - Maria Teriaeva
"IFTLOYL" - Giant Swan
"Illusions" - Rosemary Loves a Blackberry
"Truth That Silence Alone" - Hiro Kone
"The Inexorable Sadness of Pencils" - Tomaga