13. Sarah Viviana Valdez (i_like_dog_face)  11.13.18
“Do you too hover, the memory of things?”

“Faust Og Mefisto” - Else Marie Made
+ “Bb (Mistress Mix)” - MHYSA
+ “Faint Impressions” - Daniel Schmidt
“Sarah Was Ninety Years Old” - Arvo Part
“Fill My Heart with Gasoline” - Housefire
“ Nothin’ ” - Townes Van Zandt
“Here Appear” - Eve Essex
“Cartographer” - ERIKA GLÜCK
+ “Begeerte” - Oathbreaker
“SHADOW STYLE” - Angles in America
“Vitreous Watermark and the Exchange of Roses” - J. Carter & Sarah Viviana Valdez
“This is Not a Program” - Jaclyn Kendall
“Overcome Isolation” - Debit
“El Ultimo Ciculo” - Cienfuegos
“Moonshine (live recording)” - Dream Chambers
“Confidential” - Axine M
“Machine and Demon Meet the Flesh” - i_like_dog_face
“Decadence” - Grey Wolf
“The Slant of an Intentionally Blank Mind” - Sunk Heaven
“Cerco” - object blue
“Pink Room” - Pamela_and her sons
“Como La Flor” - Dracula

Portrait by Jeremiah Carter